May 9, 2012


In america 'pie' refers to pie, pecan pie, pumpkin pie...anything that has lots of sugar, thats how they like it. To us kiwi's, 'pie' refers to a good old meat sugar...with a good dollop of watties tomato sauce!
Before departing back to NZ next week i thought it was due time i made some pies for the poor american's who don't even know the half of how good these are (at curing hangovers!)

First up: Classic Meat Pies with hot chips and salad
homemade pastry
mmm juicy meat pie in all it's glory..
When speaking to a friend on his way home from work he was shocked that pies were on the menu: "Paula's making us dessert for dinner!??" no sir, im making you a slice of heaven!

things don't need sugar to taste good....
just a lot of watties tomato sauce :)

Next on the menu will be steak and cheese, potato top, venison, chicken and cranberry, bacon and egg....and endless other amazing options!
Hope you all get to try one soon too

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