May 16, 2012

clowning around

with leaving to new zealand in 2 days i've been trying to pack in as much time with friends as i can! the weekend was jam packed with laughter and good times in sunny San Diego.

saturday morning i rose bright and early to meet the crew for our workout at Miramar Lake...i had the famous 'Michigan Workout' on my schedule so was happy to know i'd have company and others in the hurt box there with me! By the time we finished, the sun was up and it was turning into a beautiful day! i ran errands for the remainder of the morning then headed back to OB for a rooftop birthday party...before getting too partied out, PJ and i snuck home for a quick nap before heading downtown for dinner at a new restaurant called Gaijin Noodle n Sake, i loved the decor and that they poured their beers into these cute little glasses (about three sips in it!) the food was good but nothing too special..i think that underbelly still has my vote on best ramen! 

after dinner we ventured out to Del Mar to see Cirque De Solei. i hadn't been since i was 16yrs old in NZ so was really excited to be entertained by the best circus acts in the world once more! PJ had booked us the BEST seats in the was an incredible evening! 
the tent brought back instant memories!

sunday morning i ran early again in Balboa park with a group for our long run. surprisingly, i have only run there three times since i've been coming to san diego...i was shown many new trails in our 1 hr 50min run...definitely need to run there more often and get off the concrete!

after a quick trip into the pirate ship for was time for a bike trip to Old Town for margarita's and mexican with all our friends...and some clowning always...yet this time i came out with a lump on my head. thats a whole story in itself. 

best get back to the sun before i'm away in winter wonderland for 2 months
heres a song for today - Yunyu - Dorothy

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