May 23, 2012

a casual weekday at home

it's cold here. maybe i have just adjusted to san diego weather way too fast, or maybe im just a whimp, but the chill in the air out has decreased my motivation for outdoor activities and increased my motivation to stay by the fire inside and spend my weekdays baking and sipping on tea. i decided to bake a few kiwi classics and fill the tins up after us kids ate most of mum's baking over the weekend we were all home!
first: homemade muesli for breakfast
second: lemon poppy seed muffins drizzled with lemon icing
third: chocolate muesli slice
key ingredient...crushed weetbix
sunset from the kitchen as the slice bakes..
iced and ready to eat..a few slices never quite made it to the tin..couldn't resist!
feel free to pop over for a cuppa and some slice ;)

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