June 11, 2012

sunday drive

growing up i thought that going on sunday drives was something only old people did..im old-er but im not old by any means, yet sunday drives are making their way to the top of the list of fun weekend activities! maybe it's the freedom of driving with the hood down that makes it a little more exciting!?
i spent sunday this week on a father-daughter date with dad..we drove fast with the hood down, drunk beer and discussed sports..like a true kiwi.
Dad surprised me by taking me up to Wanaka to visit a micro-brewery, Wanaka Berrworks. It has been open since 1998 but has just changed owners in the last year, being taken over by a Belgium bloke (kind of fitting right!?!), and this guy sure does know his beer.
After our tour we sampled four different brews before deciding on our two favourite's, the 'Nun' and the 'Jay Cee'. The names of the seasonal beers are all pretty unique, with their own story behind them. He makes 12 different beers, three for each season, which you can only buy during that particular season! Sure makes me want to head back up in July to sample the winter beers :) num num num!

sampling the 'Lady', a wheat cherry beer, and the oompa loompa 
after buying a few beers for the road, we headed into wanaka for a coffee by the lake then wrapped up warm again for the drive home! 

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