April 30, 2012

while in vegas

it's been a bit of a dry spell on the baking front here, cooking dinner is a frequent task but without a stocked pantry of ingredients i've found myself "not being bothered" baking anything fun or yummy! with PJ in vegas this weekend (and a loaf dish lent to me by Karey) i decided to bake this Blueberry Banana Walnut Loaf i've been meaning to make for weeks!
check out the sweet as apron PJ got me in El Savador
terrible photos due to the fact that i couldn't wait to consume a good couple of slices straight out of the oven..the smell made it irresistible! this was amazing and really simple, AND full of nutrition..i actually only added half the sugar as the bananas are already pretty sweet..all and all a great training snack :)
the rest of the weekend was spent eating the above loaf plus shopping, watching rugby and catching up with my kiwi mates, Bron and Jugs. So many laughs!!
I also spent some quality time with Karey, sipping on my favourite Lavender Lemonade Mimosa's at The Point Cafe and doing some shopping at my favourite OB stores..
karey needed a skirt as she had over-dressed for the beautiful beach weather in OB...
and i wish i needed these shorts..i had no excuse to buy them other than that they were cute. 
after some retail therapy we looked around the antique stores in OB in search for a new bed side table. my bed is still without a side-kick. hoping for better luck next time. 
hope you all had a great weekend too...whether it be in Vegas, on the beach or in the mountains! 

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