April 16, 2012

pick the venue. il be there.

this past week has been busy with 'events'..dinner parties, concerts, meetings..much to keep me busy, sleep deprived and make those morning training sessions just a tad brutal. BUT it's always worth it because you only have one life to enjoy these things. get amongst it :)

every once in a while it feels necessary to surround yourself by kiwi's, get back to your roots and dance your face off. Wednesday was one of those days...and wednesday night Katchafire played at House of Blues. Good timing huh!?
House of Blues is a venue downtown that reminds me a lot of the small venues that i use to go see bands at in Dunedin. It was an awsome set-up and the music was kind of all right too ;)
A crew of us started our night at Raglan, proceeded to Bare Back Grill downtown then made our way to the front of the stage at House of Blues.
me and josie rocking out
saxophone solo

I really enjoyed the little slice of home and dancing my face of with other kiwi's and a few kiwi wannabes (i don't blame them, were pretty cool)
Katchafire - Get Away

after all this playing around with kiwi's i thought i should also pay some respect to the country i now live..so i put on cowboy boots and spent Friday tailgating and partying in the rain and storm at Zac Brown Band!

san diego thought it should test the quality of the cowboy boots by giving us puddles and mud to jump around in! we got thunderstorms and pouring rain to enjoy the outdoor concert in...it was SOOO MUCH FUN!! 
view from our 'pit' tickets
next up...we're listening to the Dalai Lama speak this Thursday!!!
Happy Monday

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