April 19, 2012

mini lobster

last weekend, amongst all the concerts and playing around, i got to experience my first ever Crawfish Boil! A southern tradition which has migrated its way out west courtesy of a few Texans (Lane and others). I was forewarned about how amazing (and messy) it was going to be. Both expectations were met. This is how the afternoon proceeded....
take crawfish..add to boiling water..
..dump on paper on a communal table..
..roll up your sleeves and dig in..
this little one tried to get away. sorry mate, you ended up in my belly! I think he was tired from the Crawfish racing he did earlier. 
to me these look like mini lobster, but taste slightly different. the work you put into getting out the little bit of meat is well worth it! already looking forward to getting my hands messy at the next boil!

this is totally irrelevant to crawfish...except that they live in water...i just wanted to brag about the fact i live by the beach and on Tuesday i had my first beach day for the year :) got to make the most of these before i head back home to winter and miss two months of beautiful summer! but who needs sun when you have family huh!?...CAN'T WAIT!!!

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