April 9, 2012

easter weekend

although i do miss frantically searching for easter eggs around my home in new zealand (because surely if you don't find them RIGHT AWAY they dissappear, right!?), my easter in san diego this year was very relaxing and fun! The weather was perfect, the beers were cold and the orchard crew re-untied for a sunday funday once again!
friday afternoon i decided that i couldn't have easter without baking hot cross buns! i got my mum's recipe and introduced the american's to some kiwi tradition (as surprisingly they had no idea what hot cross buns were!?!)
me and PJ making the crosses
the buns rising in the sun
buns baked and ready to eat!

on saturday i finally made my way to The Little Italy Farmer's Market! Can't believe i haven't made it there until now! It's the best farmer's market iv been to in America to date, sooo many stalls of fresh vegetables, pastries, fruit and other goodies (it also helped it was 80degrees and sunny :) i wandered the street and bought a bunch of fresh vegetables to cook at home, and also made sure to do my fair share of 'sampling'..think ill be going back next week to purchase a white chocolate peanut butter made by a local..it was incredibly delicious! 
and when i thought america didn't know about hot cross buns..here i found them (but they were made by europeans :)
after the farmer's market PJ and I headed to brunch at The Point Cafe...best mimosa iv ever had, Champagne with Lavender Lemonade mmmm
after much relaxing in the sun we headed to Shout House downtown with friends for a evening out! we had an awsome time and ejoyed plenty of laughing with the dueling piano's, it capped off a great saturday!!
a morning long run to Cabrillo Monument and work filled up my sunday until i met up with the orchard crew for the end of our BBQ and drinks by the ocean! All and all a perfect Easter weekend (even minus the easter egg hunt) 
Hope you all had a great weekend too!

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