August 28, 2011

with time to get creative

how i love lazy sundays.
please exclude the part where i woke at 5.45am, completed a timed long run (10.5miles in 64mins), stretched, ice bathed and ate breakfast all by 9.30am.
the real lazy sunday started after that...90mins of napping, wholefoods, baking, eating and lying about the floor watching telly.

todays kitchen endeavors: making sunflower seed butter and homemade burger buns
roasted sunflower seeds...blended...
this is the most simple, cheap ($1.60 for a jar of sunflower butter!) and yummy recipe
i found this on Mama Peas website..go check out her other great recipes!
sunflower butter made, it was time to make some burger buns...knead, rise and bake..
add homemade chutney (thanks mum), black bean patties, tomato and spinach..and you have dinner
hope you all got to enjoy a lazy sunday too

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