August 6, 2011

how much can you fit into 24hours?

the first day in clearwater beach was super relaxing, so on saturday it was due time to start doing some cool shit. i attempted my first run in the heat.terrible.i think i could have wrung sweat out of my crop top.gross.
 it was the day for fishing..we took a kayak out into the mangroves and i caught my first need for bait...i snagged that thing right on its side..the real way to catch fish!we caught four little fishes but threw them all back..catching and eating our own fish was going to have to wait til we took the big boat out!
after a quick break and a little mini core workout we headed to St Petersburg for an art tour..
the Dali museum is full of art work from throughout Salvador Dali's long career..some of the pieces were amazing, others a tad strange and dark..but a really cool place to see a ton of art history!
then it was straight on up..its all about having friends in high places right!?as in friends who can fly us around up high in the sky in helicopters..yea that sounds perfect, thanks vince!
 party in the ocean..people just pull their boats up and party in knee deep water on this little island!
gorgeous views of St Petersburg!
the day ended as it started..with a run in full on florida heat..then sushi, cold drinks and bed after a full on day of activities.

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