August 21, 2011


for the past few weeks i have skyped home to see snow falling in the background and warm fires burning in living room with my cat lounging out in front of it..escaping from the cold that awaits the minute you open the outside door..drinking hot tea and sipping on parents no longer lounge in our outside chairs, instead they are occupied by snowmen..
on my end of skype, the sky is blue, the grass is green..we come inside to air conditioning to escape the heat that envelopes you every time you step outside the door..running in 43degree (109 fahrenheit) heat..leading to us spending our days just trying to stay hydrated..
the thought of going snow boarding right now is mind boggling..the thought of eating a warm roast dinner not at all appetizing (until december)..the thought of hot chocolates, beanies, mittens and woolen socks makes me sweat..
rug up warm in nz for now, when the sun starts shining again and the beach calls..i will be wrapped in my winter coat to protect me from the bitter cold..

"rise and shine, now is the time to be alive"
a cute song, a cute video, cute lyrics..listen in

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