August 11, 2011

south of america

i would love to go to south america..but thats a trip for future vacations..we spent the last two nights of our florida vacation at the southern most point of america..Key West..where the beach is golden, the grass is green, the food is amazing, the bars are unique and the seas are free of sharks (well at least where we went snorkeling)...
welcome to key west..mile zero
our home quarters for the two nights..this was the cutest little house..bedroom in the loft with a balcony over looking the island..filled with quirky key west art and air conditioning (thankgod!)

the southern most point of america
the most pure of waters..this is at the small beach in the state park..great place to go for a wee bike around!
dinner the first night was enjoyed at one of the best restaurants we have been to at late..The Flaming Buoy Filet Co..the food was incredible, portion sizes overly generous and atmosphere an A+..i would recommend this to anyone making a trip down south
midday of day two we took a (party) boat out to a reef to do some snorkeling..we saw heaps of beautiful tropical favourite was the parrot fish i watched munching on the coral..i also enjoyed the free booze provided on the boat ride home..nothing beats the surprise of free beer when you least expect it!
bar hopping by night took us to some of the famous bars in key west..our favourite spot was Captain Tony's bar..the original sloppy joe's..this is the first place that jimmy buffet played before being launched into the lime light..there is a heap of memorabilia on the walls that you can read whilst enjoying a bevy!

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