August 6, 2011

its clear to me: this was paradise

im just back from the greatest vacation..last thursday we flew to florida in an attempt to practice my sweating for when i return to tulsa.the trip was a huge success.i will blog per day as the days were each filled with so many amazing sights and experiences that they deserve a post of their own.
day 1: we arrived late thursday night into tampa before driving to clearwater beach..where words will never describe how beautiful it was..true paradise.
 well slept we awoke to beautiful sunshine..and decided a 2.5 hour walk along the beach in the heat was necessary..
 what was necessary was the swim to cool off..
then it was time to check out pj's favourite local bar/restaurant..frenchy's..surely the only place you can open four of the same restaurant all within a mile of each other and make them ALL successful..
location one..on the beach..i think this one was my favourite of the lot!
after more adventures it was time to check out the 'original' frenchy's round the corner for a quick bevy.
we spent the evening dining at pj's mum's and catching up with friends of his..and of coarse, enjoying a few more drinks..we were on vacation right!?

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