August 19, 2011

out of service

soon after arriving into tulsa for the fall semester we departed for our team building trip to Tahlequah..the trip mainly involved playing pranks on the freshmen..the usual initiation antics (im thankful i transferred and never had the 'freshmen' status working against me)..running, eating, napping, floating the river and having a merry old time..
it was nice being near the water again, bathing in the river after our runs and getting off road on some hilly dirt was also nice winning twister..stretching and yoga was the winner on the day..and being the overall winner i also got a container of chocolate and lollies..just what the pudge needs!
it was really great being away from technology, with out cellphone reception, laptops, tv's and the likes the team actually spent time 'getting to know each other'..rather than via facebook..a past time that tends to be lost these days..
all sharing bunk rooms..don't worry it was one for the guys, one for the girls..we got to know each other pretty quick!
thanks to all the freshmen for being good sports and providing us with laughter for the 3 days..and putting up with our crap for 3 days..i look forward to my last semester!

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