August 10, 2011

drink all day, play all night

this was a week does time go by fast when your busy having fun!!here are some pictures of abundant wildlife seen throughout florida on our trip from clearwater beach to miami to the ocean..
driving through the everglades abundant with wild alligators just chilling in the ponds
welcome to miami beach..where the drinks are triple times the normal price and the atmosphere is triple times fun..we spent the evening with friends on the strip before heading to an amazing oyster restaurant for dinner..or so im told.
the next morning we set off on a boat for spear fishing and snorkeling...
floating houses off the coast of miami
catching of a sea urchin..which signified the last of the boating fun..a bull shark decided to attack us, stupid shark..and we scrambled back on board and headed into shore... time to miss the thunderstorm and eat our fresh catch!mm fish taco's!
nothing beats fresh diet consisted of seafood and vegetables for the entire week in florida...landlocked in tulsa will be so much harder this semester now that iv tasted the good life!

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