July 3, 2011

to mexico

after much talk of how awsome it would be to 'pop across the border' to mexico, we finally put plan into action just like we put lobster into a taco..and ate it..saturday morning we packed up the truck and set off for the mexican border..no surprise that i needed neither my papers or passport to enter mexico..just drove right on in..
destination Puerto Nuevo..
..and a lunch stop for real mexican..lobster..and beautiful beach views..
plus a little music..margaritas and mexican beer..
 then it was back on the road for San Miguel..a little beach that was the place we lay our heads..
the campsite and our little camp fire..ready for some smore making..times 8..
fire light by night..enjoying the peace before light broke..
it was short and sweet but well worth it to taste a little bit of real mexican..
soon enough we were waiting in the queue to get back into america..no surprise that the passport was required this time..
great wee weekend retreat..i shall return to take down another lobster..
happy july 4th to my american's..let the fun and games begin x

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