July 6, 2011

the adventures of the ob bike crew

july 4th is a celebration of america's independence and although im not american, i believe in freedom, and thus i believe in my right to party in celebration of america, and enjoy a day off from study like all americans enjoyed their day off from work..but a huge thanks to those that did work, providing us with ample booze and food to get us through the day!

i spent the day of adventures amongst the most patriotic american's, singing american songs, drinking american beers, taking american shots, biking from beach to beach and enjoying one of the most beautiful days san diego has put on this summer!
...without restraints or restrictions..biking across san diego with the breeze blowing in our hair gave us that sense of complete freedom..and also the sense of complete pleasure as we flew by the queue's of cars packed with people trying to get to the beach for the day..SUCKERS!!!
adventure 1: rehydration after the ride with a pitcher of some insanely sugary shot which in pairs we raced to the bottom of..
..pitcher down it was back on our bikes for adventure #2 to pb bareback..
..only on america's day...
with the day heating up..and us needing to sober up..adventure #3 was to the ocean for a quick paddle..
..before we hit up vegas on the beach..
..after we had enough of being amongst the crowds we set out for another ride..adventure #4 to robbies!!
..a little partying on the bay..and swimming in the river..before our last bike adventure for the day..back to ob for the fireworks display...
..and some american shots...
..and a massive ob mashmellow fight..next year sandals arn't the footwear of choice..sticky icky mess..
hope you all had a great july 4th also

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