July 19, 2011

sight seeing

busy busy times ahead here in little ob..this last weekend i had a visitor from home fly into town to see what this place is all about!me and james grew up together in wee alexandra..and find ourselves all the way over in america together..it really is a small world.we picked him up on our way home from a over night getaway to Julian, a small town east of here, with adorable shops, cafes, restaurants, old buildings..and more importantly, apple trees..its the home of the apple pie!!we stayed in a stunning little hut amongst the trees..perfect for lying on the deck watching the stars!
once james set foot in san diego we took him straight to the beach for some fun before drinking and a comedy show that evening..sunday brought a full on american experience..when your too far from home to  do the REAL world cup you do the next best thing..the soccer world cup..which was a hard fought battle enjoyed by many down at Bareback Grill Gaslamp.
old town mexican
Monday brought a bike tour of the beaches, sunshine, mexican and margarita's..we sure did pack in a lot to his short stay!this coming week we have people arriving all over the show..plus a soccer game..Real Madrid vs Chivas de Guadalajara on wednesday night...its going to be a great week..lets hope the sun keeps shining!

keep it real...
and check this guy out..he was touring with eddie vedder when we saw him in concert 2 weeks ago..

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