July 12, 2011


it is done.the GRE has been taken.the results have been determined.my weeks of studying didn't really pay off.but now its time to enjoy summer in all its glory!

its crazy that iv been out here a month already..a month which has been filled with much fun, laughter, drinking and food consuming..pj and i have been whipping ip some amazing italian dishes from a recipe book which i was first given by mum called The Food Of Italy..which i lugged all the way over to the states despite the extra 2kg it added to my luggage..trust me, its worth it!
having time to spend time cooking rather than whipping up a meal in 20mins for an ever starving pmae after a workout..iv been able to make some tasty treats..heres the italian recipes weve tried out so far:

Spicy Lamb Casserole: this was pretty darn good, but how can you ever go wrong with lamb!? it was kind of a process..but worth the trouble..i served it with a wee spinach side salad and home made foccacia bread.

Polenta with Wild Mushrooms: i intended to make this..but pj ended up cooking this up. it was amazing, simple but very tasty..and i learnt that polenta is pretty much the same thing as american grits..just yellow..not white..and served with something a little more appetizing than biscuits and gravy at breakfast..

Potato Gnocchi with Pancetta and Sage: mum made this first for me when they visited tulsa this year..and it was so good i had to try myself..although a little time consuming and fiddly, this is the best gnocchi i have ever had..the sauce is cream, cheese and pancetta..not the healthiest but definitely the tastiest!

Spaghetti Carbonara: this is pj's favourite so far..this one has been made twice..in a week..and is one i can whip up after those workouts back in tulsa..it takes about 20mins, is super simple and delicious!

Pizza Margherita: for this i made home made pizza dough from the book, then topped it with home made tomato sauce, basil and mozzarella..for this one i have photos to represent the goodness..
before and after the heat
..enjoyed with a little vino..
since its summer time in america..get adventurous and cook something light and fun..
and since its cold and wintery back home in nz..time to get out that crock pot huh!?

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