July 25, 2011

play dates in california

friends are what make a place and all our experiences special, your best memories aren't the same without someone to share them with..so this last 1.5 weeks has been filled with times i will never forget..its been so much fun having visitors in town..especially the little taste from my first home with james flying in, followed by a little taste of my second home with lauren rolling in...and all amongst that, a lot of time with the jaworski's..its been a bundle of fun.

lauren and her cousin bethany drove down from LA to spend a couple of days by the ocean..lauren having never seen the ocean before was in for a real treat..bike rides, waves, sand, blue skies, sunburn and all importantly, flashing the entire beach..not just one but TWO boobs..lauren you sure did make the most of your first beach day!
the first night bareback was hosting an art and music party downtown..perfect time to get these girls a real burger..mmm
it was nice to have an excuse to do touristy things..wandering down to the convention center to look at the amazing views with the jaworski's..
breakfast at jungle java after our run..it was great having someone to gossip with on my morning run..thanks lauren xx
good to see the tan lines make a showing..i guess the crowds may have just thought you were wearing a white bikini lauren!?im sure no-body even noticed :)

can't wait to share this world with the rest of you..book your tickets!!

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