May 25, 2011

tornado alley

tornado: a dangerous column of rotating air connected to the ground and a cumulus cloud..something foreign to me..that i un-intentionally signed up for when moving to the mid-west

it's tornado season here and the weather is this time behaving like the season we are in..
coming from nz where tornado's and thunder storms are a rarity, seeing a flash of lightening and hearing the skies rumble is a new experience..what to do in the threat of a tornado?something i have no idea about..but one thing i have learnt quickly..don't go out for a run..instead burrow down as close to (or below) the ground as possible..

storm clouds brewing during sunset in tulsa the night before i flew out

the mid-west has been rocked by several tornado's in the last few days..worst of which hit hour from where our heads lay..
i flew out to eugene, oregon yesterday morning for regionals..just hours before the next bout of storms came through oklahoma..although away from the danger area iv spent the last day thinking of all those who are still there and hope that everybody stays underground and safe until these storms to all those who have been affected by these terrible natural events..and to those who are there helping the town get back on it's feet..i am thinking of you all xx

to donate to the red cross joplin relief fund follow this link..every little bit will help!

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