May 18, 2011


the stubborn one in me likes to see things til their end..before moving to the states (and having someone else buying my running shoes) i would wear those little puppies into the ground..i would run until the soles were speaking to this point ignorant to the fact that all those injuries may have been related..


my little mitzi, now sold on to the next victim, was nearly at its end..i sure ran that thing into the ground..the many trips back and forth to dunedin with the cassette player full blast..the windows wound down (for lack of air con)..and hammering it up the windy, hilly roads did take its toll..


then there is the banana may not have been a typewriter..but it was a couldn't take that thing anywhere..although on its last legs i refused to let it unable to survive without a power is forever hooked into a wall somewhere..but it did the got done what needed to be done..what more could you ask for?

Type-writer Girl.jpg

maybe one that actually works as a laptop is meant to? a wee graduation come birthday present, mum and dad bought me a MacBook Pro..and my god i now see what i have been missing out on for the last two years..a laptop that you can take anywhere, which connects in a flash to the internet and can actually be used without a wall attachment..

it takes getting something new to realize just how bad, worn down, useless and crappy the old one was..the day you step into those new runners, awww man how great you feel bouncing along the pavement..the day you belt up in your new vehicle, oh yea how great is the smell of clean upholstery, shocks and the sweet cool air from the air con..the day you turn on your new laptop, damn how those keys easily tap tappity tap...
one day i will also eventually give up on my phone and give in to the i-phone takeover..but not until the other one stops being of use..until then i will run that puppy into the ground!
here is an oldie but a goody..Macy Gray - i try ...this one is for lauren and erin xx

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