May 22, 2011

eager as a beaver

houston was great..sunny, not too humid..truely beautiful..but i spent most the day cooped up indoors..trying to conserve energy for the on our return to tulsa i was excited to get out sunbathing, do a bunch of outdoor activities and enjoy the golden rays once again..yet tulsa went into a cover came in and rain and thunderstorms returned..and yet again i was left to day dream about the sun and how great my tan would be looking had i had some time to busk in it..
so when the sun came out yesterday i got pretty excited..and maybe just a little too eager..picnic's were planned..bikini's were pulled from beneath the rain jackets and the pool was definately on the cards (i wish that sunblock had been too!)

ash and i headed out early to mohawk park for a run..the park looked lush after all the rain and warmer weather we have had and the plants were was a gorgeous run amongst the greenery!after a quick shower we headed to wholefoods to grab take-out containers of goodness for our picnic in the rose garden at woodward park..

a little bit of wildlife hiding from the sun rays

after the picnic it was back to campus and straight to the pool time i must remember the sunscreen..apparently the pink in my floral dress is clashing with my skin.cant have that.
hope you all got time to play in the sunshine this w.e too

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