May 19, 2011


today was a dreary day..the humidity was high..leading to the terrible state of my hair..but the clouds made for an inside day..with not much on the agenda i had plenty of time to full the apartment with the sweet aroma of freshly baked bread..i was craving a style..and being too far from bareback grill to get amongst my favourite lamb burger..i got busy in the kitchen making burger buns!one of the things i miss from home is my mums herb garden..being able to walk out the door and pick whatever herbs you needed for dinner that night was something i took for granted!now without a garden i hadn't been using fresh herbs until mum and dad came over and cooked for me..fresh herbs returned..and the taste was so much be making a make-shift garden from now on!

my buns before and after they went in the oven...

i got this idea of adding cheese to the top of the patty while its cooking from a melts perfectly by the time the meat is cooked..nummy!

homemade tomato pesto my mum made and brought over went onto the bun first..followed by the meat..patty + bacon..

..topped with veges and greens to bulk it up

no better way to spend a cloudy day ae..homemade burger and a glass of vino

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