March 9, 2012

the kiwi is still here

it's been forever since i posted. truth be told iv been busy doing other things. one of which includes sunbathing in winter...yes it is true. san diego does get that hot in winter, and children frolic to the beach in anticipation of jumping in the waves..only to realize it really is winter and the water is ICE COLD! ill be waiting until the real summer is here.
another of the things iv been doing is delving in some seriously missed past times..number one on the list = watching rugby. last weekend be watched the local boys play here in OB, needless to say the kiwi's on the team were the stars of the game. hands down. it was a great win!!
half time was spent throwing around a rugby ball and touching up on my drop kicking skills..aghhh it has been far too long! such a great day!
another thing that has been far too long since i have done is watch the sunset down by the ocean. due to the shorter winter days we are usually working still or out and about when the sun has set..but now that the days are getting longer the sun sets later and once again we can stand by he ocean and take in this beauty...every night :) 

because im missing home i decided yesterday to make an afternoon snack right from childhood..the best after school snack ever...pikelets!! i introduced the orchard complex to these amazing little treats that are super easy to whip up in a jiffy..only wish i had the whipped cream for the top but homemade jam and melted butter sure was good anyway! 

so there you go...the kiwi is still in me, im still making nz food, watching rugby, drinking steinlager at the new restaurant and eating lamb burgers. all i need now is some more marmite and someone to send over a crate of speights. 

one last thing. a new tune for you to enjoy.

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