March 14, 2012

jimmy buffet

saturday was a beautiful beach day. and nothing goes better with the beach than a good bit of jimmy buffet and a margherita (or three). being a florida boy, PJ was in his element..and i work in a pirate ship so that means i qualify as 'fitting in' right!? we walked from home along the beach trail to the restaurant with Kate and was such a nice way to start our day!
we started tailgating after a few brews at Raglan Public House before the concert. the tailgating came complete with one fake beach, plenty of jandels, hawaiian shirts and drinks! oh and a parrot. can't have a jimmy buffet tailgate without a parrot. 
we then rocked out all night at the concert..with our flamingo. only thing i wish for is that i could have arrived in my pirate ship. next time. cause i shall return.

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