March 25, 2012

to the mountains

i haven't snowboarded in four years.
one: my board and gear is still in nz
two: oklahoma has no ski resorts
three: theres this thing called running..i couldn't risk injury
four: i prefer to live through my brother
just kidding

have you heard of a place called Mammoth? I heard it was beautiful and thought i should probably go check it out..being this close and all. Plus i was tired of living through my brother.
destination. the mountains. 
pitstop for a run in Bishop. i hadnt packed for 80degrees!!??
i had packed for this though. another half an hour up the road and we were in snow! We stayed at Karey's house on June Lake just around the corner from Mammoth.
open fire and a relaxing evening in.
mammoth township
we stopped for lunch and beers at The Mill at the bottom of one of the runs. A great place with an awsome deck looking up the mountain.
ending the day with a beer back at The Mill by the outdoor fire
a much deserved beer after 28 runs, 21, 911 vertical feet and 26.3 miles of snowboarding. my body was beat.
and so sunday i took the morning off to get in some altitude training and enjoy a weights session at the spa resort. really i just wanted the spa. 
goodbye mountains. for now. im guna let my brother live through me for a while. 

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