February 27, 2012

twice the company = twice the fun

sooo, finally the last of the photo recap of my vancouver trip! come saturday lana arrived..bringing the seattle rain with her...but shortly after her arrival we managed to talk the weather man into a couple of pretty much rain free days to allow us some sight seeing!
visiting chinatown before our night out in yaletown
local beers, good food. enough said.
a new day and planning another full day of adventures over some brekkie
we walked the 3.5km to granville island to explore the little shops and indoor farmers market where we picked up fresh produce for dinner before walking home again..
romantic dinner for two
our last day in vancouver involved stanley park..we ran there in the morning then bussed back later to get photos and explore a little more!
was such a blast traveling with lana..excited for the next adventure when her and ty come visit us in san diego!!

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