February 26, 2012

where in the world was carmen 'san diego'..

it wasn't really a secret. but i was in vancouver for a week, sight seeing and hanging out with lana who joined me for her long weekend off work! the weather up there was a little different than san diego, mostly overcast and raining..but the sun did peek through the clouds a couple of times to warm up our toes! it was fun to get a little taste of 'real' winter and wrap up warm in many layers.

the first two days i spent exploring the city by myself...and this meant quickly learning how to read maps, figure out the public transport system and overcome my known terrible sense of direction.
here's some pictures from my solo adventures....
train ride up along the coast.
a little dinner for one and my new read for the trip
canada place and gaslamp district
..after much walking around and the appearance of raindrops it was due time for a stop for coffee at this cute coffee shop in the heart of downtown vancouver..
then home time to warm up, dry up an prepare for lana's arrival!

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