July 5, 2012

winter wonderland

Jack Frost has been hard at work! Today on my sub-zero run i saw some of the most beautiful, un-touched landscape. It was peaceful, quiet and serene with everybody wrapped up indoors by their fires. I wish i could have taken a video while i was running for you all to experience it too but these quick snaps i took post-run will have to suffice.
the wintery world just out my backdoor
*please note, this is not snow but the result of four days of hard frosts and no sun to melt the ice away

My most hated part about this cold snap is the 'un-predictable nose drip'. All you southerners know what im talking about..it's that little drip that just comes rushing out of your nose unsuspectedly after coming in from the cold. Worst situation is those coffee dates at the cafe..after the cold walk turns your nose numb there is no telling when that little thawed out snot will come dripping out. Embarrassing huh!? Maybe i'll invent some nose stoppers. 

Stay warm and safe...don't be that person im stopping to help after slipping on black ice. Alexandra is never in a rush, so no need for you to be either!

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