July 1, 2012

Jack Frost

Jack Frost is responsible for a lot of things. He brings frosty, cold, winter weather which nips at our toes and nose, he colours the foliage white, he leaves fern like patterns on the windows, he causes us to wake in the early morning hours and pull up extra blankets and is the sole reason we have to dress like this....
there is no other option than home knitted, oversized, woolen jerseys. no other option at all.
Mum says you can tell how bad Jack Frost's mood is by the height of ice that is found on the windows in the morning. Today, the ice was half way up, which meant it was probably a ripper of a frost...so i stayed in my warm bed an extra hour. It was -7 degrees (19.4 farenheit) outside....Jack Frost must have been in a bad mood last night!

two side notes. one: i'm totally obsessed with this homemade chutney of Mum's at the moment. Must try make some of my own..sounds like a good way to spend the day hiding from Mr Frost; and two: turtles and honeybees are both deaf. just thought you should know.
Stay warm and watch out for Jack Frost, he's on the hunt!

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