July 7, 2012

Frontrunner 5k

Good morning Jack's Point...
..good morning hills..
Queenstown treated us to -7 degrees (19.4 fahrenheit) over night and a crisp morning for the Frontrunner Series Race..
i numbered up by the fire indoors before braving it into the cold, and trust me, jumping around on the spot and making funny faces definitely helps to keep you warm
on the start line..by now it had warmed up to barmy -4 degrees (24 fahrenheit)..
..despite this barmy weather, this was the first time in 7 years the lake was frozen and the hilly roads were icy for this race. consequently, the water cups (a.k.a ice cups) at the top of the hill were frozen solid!
finishing up around the frozen lake..just in time for the last layers of fog to clear and the sun to come up and warm our frozen bodies..
..by warm our frozen bodies, i mean warming us through the glass as we sat around the fire. 
sometimes extreme measures are necessary.
and sometimes it's worth braving a little cold weather to run on this beautiful landscape.
as long as theres a fire and hot chocolate waiting for me after.

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