January 21, 2012

winter in san diego?

what in the world san diego!? we woke up this morning at 7.30am..it felt like it was 6am..because it was dark..all due to the clouds and rain that has settled in. just in time for the weekend. booooo!
this week has been a big mile stone on the rehabilitation front..finally back to jogging, pretty much pain free, and feeling myself again! 
morning jog in the cold rain..hat, gloves and jacket...a first in san diego for me!
below is what i'm use to. below is what is was yesterday. below are photos of yesterday. where i lay on the mexican blanket by the ocean reading. in the SUN!
i guess i can put up with a couple of days rain knowing i get to see this again! 

the most unfortunate thing about the timing of this rain is the Carlsbad Marathon is tomorrow, where i will be supporting the jeans for justice crew as they take to the streets after months of training. hoping i dont get too drenched..but if i do it'll all be for a good cause :)

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