January 9, 2012

oi hey there sunday, wanna come have some fun!?

this weekend was filled with adventures! saturday i ventured to the track at UCSD, via a completely round about route..thanks gps..for nothing. i met some athletes out here and watched them do their workout (think im nearly ready to get back in the game, my fire has been re-kindled!)
after acai bowls at the local hang out, we headed to a pub-crawl in PB for a jeans for justice fundraiser, where champagne was dunken, beers skulled and raffles won :)
after a 30minute power nap, we then got ready and headed downtown for dinner then some dancing and partying for a friends birthday. lets just say it was quite the adventurous day. surely sunday would need to be a lazy day at home right!?

na none of that. sunday is always up for some fun. we left early afternoon for Newport Beach with friends to ride on a boat, drink champagne (the drink of choice this weekend) and check out the Newport sunset. by boat i mean limousine, on the water. just a tad awsome.

at the dock..leaving just before sunset, food and beverages at the ready!
..sunset AND a full moon!? couldn't have been more perfect!
we docked at a couple of bars, introduced everyone to scotty, purchased some frozen banana, then returned to the boat
a great adventure packed weekend in california, hope you all had a great one too!

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