January 17, 2012


im brewing a cup of tea at the moment, its smoko time here! Despite still not having a job, somehow i manage to be doing TERRIBLE at posting lately (no idea where my days go!)..i have a sneaky feeling that i'm spending much to much time doing laundry and cooking..but thats why the girls got me my new apron, so im just making sure i use it as a sign of appreciation of the awsome gift. honest.

last week the downtown Bare Back Grill crew went on a brewery tour..and i jumped on board..and very glad i did. we had a blast and i also got to see some cool parts of Green Flash Brewery that i otherwise would never have seen!
me and pj arrived a little late and missed the tour at Ballast Point Brewery..but their beer was good :)
next stop for the bus was Green Flash Brewery..this time we made the tour..
safety first. always. 
i think this is why i liked Green Flash beers so much..
back on the bus..we missed the last brewery, probably a good thing...tempers were brewing.

recently nz has finally gotten on the bandwagon with Bare Back Grill and are paying tribute to the awsome job the guys are doing out here of representing nz in san diego!
here's an article in the marlborough express recently that talks about the new restaurant opening..JUST down the street from our pad in OB. super excited. 
all kiwi's are welcome. so get over here for a visit!!

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