November 17, 2010

peas returning to the pod

excitement all around this week with Lana's big day this coming weekend..all the girls are returning to the nest which makes for plenty of coffee and catching up...
can't believe its been half a year since we were all together..its going to be a great week!

firstly, skinny bitch Aiken gets in, bringing a bundle of fun to the winter days

winter arrived (im sure Aiken brought it with her from Hawaii!) boots and woolen socks were pulled out of the closet

 our new addition to the pod is Debbie's sweet new pea, Kayla..we were lucky to grab a glimpse

with all the excitement and babies around i had to sneak away to the library to get in some study for my exam...

study done i then found my dream bike..complete with day.

tomorrow Becker returns..its bound to get a little wild..the noise level will increase at least 3 fold.can't wait!

for all this excitement i needed something to calm me down..this song was my pick of choice.enjoy.xx

FC Kahuna - Hayling

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