November 12, 2010

auditioning for swan lake

this is it..the last hoorah before NCAA cross country nationals...we boarded the galaxy early thursday morning for Illinois..the destination for regional championships. 

essential items for the 9 hour bus drive..headphones, pillow, sketch book and journal.

lunch break in Eureka gave Erin some quality catch up time with pops

sunset from my seat in the bus

pre-race day: time for rest and relaxing..this is us heading out for a morning shake out along the river

 a cute door panel we passed on our way to coffee

coffee at cracked pepper bakery

todays song: belle and sebastian - the stars of track and field

il leave you all to ponder one of my favorite quotes, courtesy of our former team mate lana

"compete fearlessly..your already dead anyways" - lana kelley

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