November 15, 2010

love, love me do

Firstly a huge CONGRATULATIONS to my amazing team on qualifying for nationals...all the early morning sleep running, commitment and hard work has come together at last!you guys are all rock-stars.much love x

me (3rd) and katie (12th) lining up to get our medals for all regionals team

num num and the girls headed to peachwave for frozen yogurt after hearing about qualifying for nationals

more treats....
so as the week gets off to a great start i get spoiled even more today by being re-united with a much missed love of mine..pineapple lumps...especially couriered all the way to Tulsa from New Zealand

 - love to Josie and her Mum for sending treats all this way..these babies will be much enjoyed!

the week can never be bad when you see the night in with sunsets like this

lastly, while im on the bandwagon of congratulations, another one must go out to Coach Debbie, Kyle and their brand new bub Kayla..looking forward to entertaining that wee one and teaching her some kiwi lingo!

hope you are all having a great start to the week too..heres a song to get you in the mood ;)

Beatles - love, love me do

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