December 14, 2012

My past 6 months..summarized

Kiora! It has been forever since i last posted got crazy and busy and something had to give..and because i refuse to give up running like a mad women, drinking and partying and spending adequate time passing my exams, the blog got thrown to the back of my 'to do' list... BUT I am back, momentarily, as i enjoy a much deserved 5 weeks off from my doctorate program. This post pretty much sums up my life since i got back to America..not a lot of photos but i'll try to give you all a glimpse of what we have been up to!

First we had the amazing wedding of our beautiful Orchard couple, Kate and BJ. So thankful to have been there on their special day!
It was the perfect sunny San Diego day as we celebrated on Sunset Cliffs over looking the ocean.
Soon after my boys from my Tulsa days came to was too short and disrupted by me running and training for my first half marathon, but who better to have there as my support crew than the ones who kicked my butt into shape for those years at Tulsa!
the boys after a little sunset cliff jumping
carl mid food challenge at OB noodle...thanks for putting yourself through that pain so we could be entertained :)
pitbull and carl then spent some time with my training group before coming to watch me run the AFC half marathon..Pitbull's timely race updates to PJ were amazing! Thanks for being there mid race when the times were getting tough!
celebrating with my kiwi after winning the AFC half marathon!
then celebrating again in...VEGAS!!!!
Before the real showdown at uni began we thought i should probably go get wild and try get the partying out of my system before i gave my nights away to the books..where else to go than Vegas right!?!? We jetted off for the weekend before i started, arriving home hangover and tired late Sunday night before i rose to my new routine the next morning..
we had one of the best weekends, heaps of drinking, dancing, eating and pool time with our amazing friends Tim and Chelsea! Thanks to you guys for enjoying this weekend with us! Can't wait for round two!!
And with that, the summer ended and my new Doctorate of Physical Therapy program began...
my amazing and very talented class! We have had a great semester, we worked hard, got given a taste of the real world, were challenged more than ever before and all came out on top!! That's how we roll..nothing will stand in our way!!
The new schedule looked something like this:
5am: wakeup
5.15am: run/workout
8am: leave for uni
5pm: arrive home
5.30pm: run again/weights
7pm: cook dinner, eat
7.30pm: study
9.30pm: sleep
and get up and do it all over again
somewhere in there i did actually hang out with my boyfriend and friends..occasionally ;)
halloween time came around and i took a break from studying to go trick or treating for the first time (at the age of 24)...i had so much fun taking Brylie around and eating too many lollies..
..and hanging out with oscar the grouch!
During Thanksgiving break PJ and i snuck away to Florida for some much needed R and R! I was exhausted from uni and definately needed this little break! We met up at the house in Clearwater Beach with all the family!
thanksgiving on the beach and drinking and eating amazing food!
And that brings me to much else has happened but this is just a quick recap..lots going on at the moment with two new restaurants on the way, xmas parties, new years and the piles of laundry i have to catch up on! I'll keep you posted!
Thanks to everyone for making it Wednesday night to our post semester party! And thanks to Marcella for being my person and keeping me sain throughout this semester! Bring on the next two and a half years!!

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